Wausau Chemical Corporation (WCC) is a family owned manufacturing and distribution company, with 60 years of proud service since it began in 1962. Our company is an accredited member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD).

Great People. Great Chemistry. Wausau Chemical Corporation (WCC) is headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin, with additional distribution branches in Butler, Wisconsin, and Hoffman, Minnesota. In 2019, WCC expanded its operations by establishing a new facility within the Wausau Business Campus on the west side of Wausau. This new facility serves as the corporate headquarters for the company, as well as the primary locations of manufacturing and warehousing activities.

WCC's company-owned truck fleet operates within Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Eastern Minnesota, and Northern Illinois to facilitate deliveries. Additionally, the company has cultivated relationships with trusted vendors to ensure deliveries beyond these regions are handled efficiently and effectively. Orders, quotes, or customer service is available via email at support@wausauchemical.com or by phone at 715-842-2285.

WCC is represented by committed employees with an average of 15 years of service! We command a hands-on sales team, who frequently visit farms and factories to thoroughly understand product needs. Knowledgeable office personnel facilitate planning, distribution, and customer service. Experienced production specialists produce high quality formulations and packaging. Finally, our professional drivers transport and deliver products to customers along dedicated routes throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states.

Wausau Wisconsin Facility: 9919 Innovation Way, Wausau, Wisconsin 54403
715-842-2285 or 800-950-6656

Hoffman Minnesota Facility: 101 Dakota Ave. Hoffman, Minnesota 56339

Butler Wisconsin Facility: 13137 West Glendale Ave. Butler Wisconsin 53007
262-783-4500 or 800-236-2200


Monday – Thursday |  8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Friday | 8 a.m. – 230 p.m.
*Please call ahead for arrangements if after 230 p.m. on Fridays*